Dear Sponsors,


I arried safely at the Global Village and it has already started. I really enjoy the diversity of the group with people from all over the world. For example my rommate is from Spain and the moslems in the group just started ramadan. 


Yesterday was the opening ceremony. It was very emotional and they gave us a warm welcome at Global Village. Mr.Brandt gave an introductory speech in which he highlighted the conveluted ways of how people qualify for GV. One of the cases he highlighted was mine. He mentioned me as a person and that I have been fundraising for 2 years to take part at this event. He also mentioned the lovely evening we had at Cercle Munster to fundraise. Moreover he mentioned Carlo Hansen (President of Youg Scientists Luxembourg) and John Frank (Director of Tower Training Centre) and their excellent work which allows me to be here right now.


In the annexe you find a picture of me in the "traditional" dress of a Global Villager i.e. the characteristic Polo shirt and plack throusers.


I would like to thank the sponsors, that you believe in this idea of the Global Village and that it can change the world and people's lives. Without you I also couldn't be here right now.


Greetings from Bethlehem, PA.


Charel Wohl