Dear Sponsors,


Global Village just made a running start. Every day we attend courses, panels, executive sessions, company visits and Key Note speeches from eight till six o'clock. In order to increase your knowledge about GV, let me tell you what these things are.


- Courses can be imagined like a lecture in a smaller group of about 25 people. The courses can be chosen and are tailored to the interest of the intern.

- Panels are discussions and question and answer sessions with executives from different companies. It can talk about how they run their business or what is their secret of success.

- Executive sessions allow you to be in a group of about 10 people and talk to one executive. You get the chance to interact even more with the person.

- During company visits, you visit a company and you get shown their facilities. In one hour I will visit Orasure, who developed a very fast Aids test.

- Key Note speeches are attended by all of the GV interns. It is a big speech from one person. Those are usually very inspiring. On Monday, Marsha Ivins gave an inspirational talk about her time as an astronaut and what life in space is like. I nearly reconsidered my career choice. :)


At the same time we have to prepare a country presentation and introduce one executive to our Villager friends. Moreover everyone is part of a team who has to prepare a consulting project for a real company. The consulting project alone takes 100 hours. Attached is a picture of my consulting team at the Lehigh love sign.


You see that the Global Village is a very busy time and not a paid holiday. I learn a lot, but fun never comes too short. In the evenings the parties usually go until two, leaving no time for rest or even sleep. Overall I think I learned a lot from the other interns, because they are very inspiring and eye opening.


I sent warm greetings from Bethlehem, PA and a huge thank you that you made this possible for me.


Charlie Wohl