Dear Sponsors,

It is already week 3 of the Global Village and I am half way through the program. Somehow this makes me feel sad.

This time I want to tell you more about the more social side of the Global Village, because after all GV is a fun learning experience.

The reason why so many people want to get involved in GV is the spirit and the international atmosphere. Indeed I think this is what lasts for a lifetime and this is what I will not forget. I am very inspired by the other people.

One of the things I have learned through the diversity is that people may be different in behavior, culture and costumes. But deep down they are all the same i.e. we aspire the same dreams and share passion and enthusiasm. This is a very important observation if you want to travel or you want to do international business, because you don't fear your business partner anymore, but you trust him. This is the fundament of every business relationship.

I also want to tell you about the magic of Global Village. One of our Villagers comes from Nigeria. He had a tuff life as he was kicked out of the house when he was 14 and had to sleep on the street for a few years before a family hired him as a household help and enabled him to go to school. He had a hard life and fought a lot to come to the Global Village.

On the other hand, there is a rich boy from India. He has a cricket team in Mumbai and a tennis team in Dubai. His family owns 90% of the houses to be rent in Mumbai.

Both of them are on my project team and are best friends. They go for dinner together and the Indian boy pays the Nigerian his meal. Just the other day, they went shopping together and the Nigerian now has a new fancy Jumper. I think this is only possible in the GV bubble, but it will change the way both of them think over long term. This is the GV magic, that everyone is equal and we are more than best friends.

The picture shows my project group. From left to right, you see me, Rohil from India, Alexandra from Puerto Rico, Roberto from Italy and Auwal from Nigeria. The next one in the row is our client from the company Bridgeway Academy and Gulia from Kyrgistan who is our project Leader. Dario, form Croatia is our project mentor.

As you see, I enjoy myself very much.


Charel Wohl