Dear Sponsors,

This is the fourth update from the Global Village. The hot phase of the program is starting. We will have much more to do now and some sleepless nights are ahead.

Next week is the deadline for the submission of the consulting project. My team is doing a great job and we spend a lot of time together. This really taught me of the importance of teambuilding. So next time you are chatting with your co-worker about something private, keep that in mind. :)

Let me also talk about the trip to New York which was last weekend. I visited Thompson Reuters, the news company. The visit was nice. They prepared a workshop for us and we could visit their offices which are located in a skyscraper on times square. It was definitely memorable.

Moreover, I want to tell you that I am very lucky. My name got pulled to go fishing with the director of the program Dick Brandt. It was a great day outdoors fishing on his boat. Mr.Brandt has a sonar detector, which detects fishes, but we didn't catch anything. Nevertheless it was a great opportunity to spend a day outdoors and networking with this great man.

Furthermore I would like to let you know that I will lead an intern led session about "Outdoor Personal Development". I will give a small course (45min) on how outdoor activities promote personal development in front of the other interns. Please let me know if you want the power point slides. They will include many pictures from my last year's adventures in the British Mountains.

I am making the most of the precious time I have here at the Global Village.

Charel Wohl