Dear Sponsors,

On Saturday, the five weeks Global Village will be over.

I will definitely remember this as one of the best five weeks in my life. Overall it was very vibrant and at phases hectic. Many things happened and I got so many new ideas. I never developed so quickly as an individual than here at the Global Village.

My conclusion about Global Village is above all, that it doesn't teach a skillset, but a mindset. I didn't learn how to make a business plan or how about accounting and finance. But, I learned about project management, team formation, friendship, leadership and a lot about myself. Therefore it is more a mindset that I got taught in the Global Village and how to be a better person. I think it is the mindset of a future elite of business people who are united by this experience of the five weeks at Lehigh University. This was part of the Vision of Lee Iacocca. In fact I will now enter the Global Village Alumni Network and I will be an Allumni of Lehigh University, one of the best universities in the US.

As I mentioned in my motivational Letter, I would give my best at Global Village and that is what I did. Together with a friend from the Ukraine, I shared my experiences in Outdoor Hiking and personal development. I wanted to do this additional step to share my experiences. It was great to do it as a collaboration and interesting to hear about his experiences too.

The consulting project is also finished now and tomorrow we will present it to the client. I think the consulting project had two major aims. Fist to introduce the interns to the real live work world and give hands on experience what it is like. Second we learned by example how to form and perform in a team. These experiences will be very useful in any job.

Please find here enclosed a picture of me in the World Bank in Washington.

This is my final Update from the Global Village. I would really like to thank each and every sponsor for supporting me to have this great experience. I especially thank Carlo Hansen and the Committee of the Young Scientists from 2012 who chose me to take part at this exceptional program. If you want to talk to me in person, please let me know. I will be in Luxembourg from 28.08 to mid September.

I will now embark on the second chapter of this massive journey. I will head with a friend from the Global Village to Virginia where I will hike for 2 weeks mostly on my own and with people I meet on the Appalachian trail in the Shenandoah National Park. After that I will visit the same friend at his home and we will go Jet skiing and fishing at a remote part of the Great Lakes.

Like one of the interns said: "You become a better version of yourself."

All the best from Bethlehem!

Charel Wohl